Well and Pump Services

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24/7 Emergency Pump Service

Low pressure? No water? No worries! Call for 24/7 service 365 days a year. We are licensed well drilling contractors.

Pressure Tank Replacement

If your pressure is inconsistent or surging you may have a problem with your well pressure tank. We offer proffesional series tanks with quality brass fittings and an excellent warranty.

New Well Hookups

We offer full service for new well hookups, trenching, well pump installation and pressure tank. Then we test the water and offer water reatment solutions. We can design the whole system for optimal flow rates and ability to meet peak water usage demands. 

Well Inspections

Have your well inspected by a licensed well drilling contractor to ensure it is safe and properly maintained. As the home owner it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your well. Let us help you maintain the quality of your well water and in turn protect the aquifer for the future. 

Flow Rate Tests

We offer flow rate tests for real estate transactions which includes a well inspection, pressure system and pump evaluation. We will measure the flow for a period of one hour to ensure it meets the needs of the home. 

Well Upgrades/Extensions

If your well doesnt meet Reg. 903 standards we can help. We will ensure it gets properly upgraded, sealed and disinfected. This protects the aquifer from contamination, improves serviceability and gives you peace of mind. 

Well Disinfection

Have your well and pressure system chlorinated by a licensed well contractor. We will ensure it is done as per Reg. 903 standards and gets done right the first time. 

Low Yielding Well Solutions

We install both outdoor buried cisterns and indoor holding tanks that can be trickle fed over a 24 hour period. The large volume of water is then repressurized to your domestic supply. No more waiting for the well to recover. 

Cistern Cleaning Service

We recommend your cistern or holding tanks should be serviced once a year. We are meticulous and leave it clean and disinfected.

Well Yield/Recovery Tests

Full pump down and recovery tests as per Reg 903. If you are concerned your well may be slowing down, or maybe want to add irrigation or an addition.  We will ensure you know exactly what your well is capable of.