Water Treatment Services

Water treatment water softener water filter uv light disinfection sulphur rotten egg smell iron

Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Farm

We install and service water treatment in the Simcoe and surrounding area. We hold a small drinking water systems license and treat your water with the same care and concern needed on any designated site. We will design and install water filtration systems for any application. 

Water Analysis

On site water testing for hardness, iron, sulphur, PH and total dissolved solids. Bacteriological sampling and testing available for ecoli and coliform. We use accredited labs only. 

Water Softeners

We have professional series valves aswell as an economical line. Both offer excellent warranties and are canadian made. 

Iron / Sulphur Removers

Chemical free iron and sulphur solutions. It is an air over media backwashing filter that is canadian made and offers an excellent warranty. 

Carbon Filters

We use a variety of different carbon filters, cartridges, flow through and back washable. They are used to remove chlorine, heavy metals like lead and also for taste and odour improvement. 

U.V. Disinfection

For ecoli and coliform disinfection. It provides peace of mind on a well water system. Please note that proper pre treatment is required.

R.O. Systems

Reverse osmosis systems provide purified water. They can be used for a drinking water system or even to supply a whole home.  We offer ommercial and industrial reverse osmosis systems for car washes, restaurants and more.

Chemical Injection Systems

Ideal for lake systems, problem water, or designated sites. Our certified drinking water systems operators will ensure your system is safe and meets regulations. We offer weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly preventive maintenance.