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No water? No worries!

Well pump water pump drilled well submersible pump low pressure no water jet pump constant pressure

Our customer had no water, we arrived on site, assessed the problem and had the pump replaced within a few hours!

Grundfos VFD

Constant pressure
Variable speed drive
Well pump
Submersible pump

This system provides constant pressure to every tap! 

Gemini 60k Dual Alternating Water Softener

Water softener water filter water purification hard water soft water duplex

No hard water ever! This valve switches from one tank to the other to prevent hard water breakthrough which can damage boilers, hot water tanks and other appliances. 

Carbon Filter, Water Softener

Carbon filter
Water softener

Our customer was concerned with the chlorine smell, and hardness. We call this our town water special. 

Iron / Sulphur Remover, Water Softener, UV Light

Iron remover
Iron filter
Sulphur filter
Water softener
Uv light

Our customer had a strong sulphur smell along with iron staining and hard water. She was also concerned with potential bacteriological issues. We installed our system and she has clear, odorless water and peace of mind. 

Peroxide Injection System

Peroxide injection
Iron bacteria

This system was installed to deal with hydrogen  sulphide, iron bacteria, iron, hardness, tannins and bacteria! To top that off they have an external tank outside to vent off methane. A challenging site, but we came out on top.

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Constant Pressure and Water Treatment

Constant pressure
Well pump
Water pump
Water treatment

A low yielding well can be a problem, but when you trickle feed a large holding tank and install a constant pressure system you have all the water you could ever need! We also installed a 60k Water Softener and an iron / sulphur rremover.